Tuesday 22 December 2015

HAIR CARE | with Madison Reed

Hair care isn't something I've discussed a lot on my blog but something that takes priority in my every day beauty routine - so when Madison Reed asked me to discuss my hair do's and dont's I thought it'd be a great opportunity to give you my best tips!

Naturally, being obsessed with beatuy products doesn't just mean I focus on my face. I absolutely love finding new masques, serums and anything else that will make my blonde hair shine.

I am naturally blonde but I get a full head of highlights approximately every 5-6 weeks to keep it fresh and bright - which means keeping it nourished, strong and healthy is something I proiritize every day without fail. I'm also not one for getting my hair trimmed, ever (I don't believe it makes it healthier, although it may make it look thicker - I'm trying to grow it, so trimming is not an option for me!) so keeping it happy & healthy is essential.


Find a good hairbrush
As you would a makeup brush, find something that's going to be gentle for your hair. I personally use a Tangle Teezer becasue I can run it through wet hair without it catching and breaking. P.s - try & keep brushing to a minimum, too much can damage your hair and cause breakage.

Keep heat to a minimum
 As I wash my hair every day, that generally means I need to dry it every day too - but I'll try and keep the heat as low as possible and for the shortest time possible. I'll leave my hair to air dry a little whilst doing my makeup before I use the hairdryer and if I'm not leaving the house I'll just skip the dryer completely and leave it to dry naturally.

Don't skip on products
As I said, I am not about to get my hair cut anytime soon, they don't have to be the most expensive, but finding a product that's effective at nourishing your hair is essential to maintaining an easy, healthy hair lifestyle and helping to keep the ends straggle-free!

Stop picking!
How easy is it to sit there and pick at your split ends? Addictive isn't it! You may think you're getting rid but you're just breaking your hair further. If your ends are in dire need of a re-fresh, always opt for a trim rather than pulling at your hair.


My daily routine:

 I wash my hair every day (which although isn't the best option, shouldn't be too much of a problem with proper care) - I have to because my hair gets very greasey - quickly and it's something I personally cannot stand! I just lighty shampoo once,  normally using Aussie's Miracle Moist shampoo.

I never use a conditioner.. as such! Instead of a conditioner I use a masque every time I was my hair. Some may say it's excessive but nothing leaves my hair feeling as shiny or as good after a wash. My go-to product is the Tresemme Keratin Smooth masque, it's incredible. I can use as much as I like and it never leaves my hair feeling heavy or full of product, this is something I constantly re-purchase and don't go a day without.
 And the last product I'll use before I dry & style my hair is some sort of a leave in conditioner/oil.
My top 3 I switch between are: Aussie Miracle Recharge, Moroccan Oil and Kerastase Ciment Thermique, all of those are great at making my hair easy to brush, shiny and healthier.


As I mentioned, products don't have to cost a bomb, raw-all-natural coconut oil is a dreamboat for your hair. I bought a big tub for about £5.00 and trust me - you cannot use this quickly. A little goes a massively long way and will last you ages. Once or twice a week before bed, I melt a tea-spoon amount into my hands and coat my ends-mid lengths and once washed off in the morning, I have beautifully shiny, nourished hair without using any nasties or chemicals. I've mentioned it in a previous post before - this is a great all round product that your body will love too & I cannot recommend it enough!

Link to my hair care heros:

Please share with me your HG products, top tips & hair heros!


Take some tips from Madison Reed:

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