Thursday 27 August 2015


What's your cleansing routine like? Non-existent? Simple? Harsh? Or all-out?
I went through phases, the typical 'oh just this one night I'll sleep in it - it'll be okay I'll wash it off in the morning' and then the other end of the scale like 'let me slap it all on NOW!'
I believe this is because I've never found something that I like enough, if I had, I'm pretty sure I would have wanted to use it every night.. You don't skip your fave foundation in the morning do you?.. Nope.. So, I have tried a cleansing oil before, it was from Lush but for me, it was almost too oily! I found it way too greasy and like most of my skincare, I gave up on it!
But, I recently started having a little shop around online for a good cleanser, my skin needed it - I have the oiliest skin EVER and I was getting itchy dry patches around my nose - that's when I know something is seriously up - me? dry skin?? So I came across this and there are a lot of reviews online, probably what swayed me the most, along with the fact it's camomile and my red, itchy skin was crying out for some soothing love.
I use two pumps of this, apply it all over my face with my hands as if I'm using a makeup wipe and then I run my muslin cloth under warm water, ring out and start to gently wipe away the oil.. and ALL of my makeup.
Not only is this super soft, I love the fact I don't feel like I'm stretching/scrubbing my delicate skin to within an inch of its life, especially around my eyes and with that, it's getting rid of every inch of my makeup. It definitely does not leave a greasy residue on my skin, rather a soft, comfortable feeling base and completely clean.
I still apply my normal moisturizer after & I've given up my harsh toner for a while. I still get the normal hormonal spots.. this hasn't completely over-hauled my skin, but it is definitely the best cleanser I've use and I've been using it day & night religiously for almost two weeks now.
My favourite thing about this cleanser is that it's hassle free. The only thing I would say is even though it is gentle, it can sting my eyes a little but as soon as I wipe my face over with the cloth and remove the oil it's back to normal.
So as far as cleansers go, I wont be looking for another for quite a while, I'm really enjoying using it and I love getting into bed with a fresh face knowing that I have no makeup what so ever festering on my skin over night! Blergh.
I paid £12.00 from The Body Shop - but always keep an eye out online as the always have some sort of discount running.
Let me know your fave face cleanser.. or are you yet to find your HG?
Until next time,
Lily x


Sunday 23 August 2015



Sunday 9 August 2015


I could pretty much just write 'sensational' and have done with it.. but I think you'd all either agree with me, or never visit my blog again! If you have seen my YouTube vids you will notice that I have used and raved about this mascara every time!
I have seen a lot of people raving about it too, so I'm dying to know if anyone doesn't like this little gem?

Hands down, the best mascara I have EVER used and think I will ever use, because I have no intention to even bother picking up a different one! Which sounds terrible and extremely boring of me for not wanting to review loads of different ones, but I think you will thank me if this is the first time you've heard of this because I am very confident that anyone and everyone will love this mascara!
I curl my lashes before applying this and some mascaras I find to weigh my lashes down and they don't hold the curl nice and high.. I mean if you're curling your lashes you want them to stay up there don't you!? But this does just that, it's not heavy or clumpy at all, but that doesn't take away from the volume or length it gives my lashes.
I think it lengthens them to their full potential, making them black and thick and noticeable, without ending up in a clumpy, flaky mess.
It's described as a 'lash multiplying' mascara and that's exactly what it is.
The brush is rubber, slightly curved and it has different length bristles all around it. Shorter ones I use for my lower lash line for more precision and then I flip the brush over and use a mix of the longer rubber bristles and the shorter ones to get right into my lash line and to lengthen when I pull up my lashes.
This does not transfer on to my under eye area or my eyelid, something which I find a lot of mascaras do. I promise, no panda marks by 5pm and no flaking/crumbling at all.
I also used to be the girl that took 10 mins doing her mascara on each eye to get it perfect and get maximum results, but I can honestly just do this super quickly and be done for the day.
Gym and sweat proof and by the end of my working day my lashes are still coated, curled and volumised.. all I could ever ask for!
This pic is with one quick coat on my lashes for a natural look.. the length & curl is what I aim for the most and this definitely achieves.
Until next time,
Lily x

Tuesday 4 August 2015


Hey lovelies, carry on reading for a rather disappointing review.. but don't fear it ends on a gorgeous, glowing high!

SO, how huge was the hype for St. Tropez Gradual Tan In-Shower Lotion? I was massively excited to pick this up and my thoughts were 'if I can tan and be showered in 3 minutes, this is nothing short of a miracle!' And yes, this is far from a miracle.

I used this for a good few weeks, followed the instructions to a T (you basically shower, turn the water off and apply this all over, wait 3 mins, then rinse). Of course, this is a gradual tan so my expectations weren't to get an amazing tan in one go, but to at least get SOME colour! I used this every day and my skin colour remained pretty much exactly the same. I'm not mega tanned or super pale so I thought this would without a doubt leave me with some sort of colour, but it didn't at all.

As for the product itself, it didn't smell 'biscuity' like a lot of tans, but I personally don't mind that smell, especially if it works well! It is a cream product, but it dried my skin out and I have oily skin so trust me, that takes a lot. And obviously, the most disappointing factor, it didn't work!

This is definitely not a hate post on St. Tropez because I love their normal tans, gorgeous colour & a massive fan base to show the quality of their products, but, for me this tan just didn't cut it at all.

Okay, moving on. I was in Boots a few weeks ago and picked up the new Palmers Natural Bronze Spray. I was hesitant to buy this because 1) I'm not a fan of body moisturizers (I cringe at the thought of having a greasy moisturizer under my clothes!) and 2) I immediately thought 'STREAKS!!!'
But, in the name of Beauty and because I should try new products for the purpose of my blog, I went for it and oh boy, yes yes yes yes YES!

I've found my holy grail gradual tan and I hope, if you hadn't noticed this product already, now you have too!

The spray can is such a quick option when you want to whack it on before bed without bringing out the mit/gloves and the whole sha-bang! It comes out white/clear and I just spray it in a stripe, down the front and backs of my arms/legs and then just rub it in. It spreads really easily so you don't need to keep spraying more product on to your skin and the main thing for me, it soaks in COMPLETELY within about a minute, enough for me to put clothes on straight after without feeling sticky and gross and that my friends, IS a miracle!

I can hear you all thinking, such an easy, care-free process, I bet you look like a Zebra? Nope! I swear, I have found this product to be completely streak free, including my hands, knuckles, elbows, knees. This product has left me with no build up, no streaks and no nasty patches. Obviously, just do your best to rub it in as evenly as possible, but I've barely made an effort with this and every time I have ended up with an even, non-orange toned, fresh tan.

It smells like regular Palmers, chocolately and gorgeous! The only thing I would remind you to do to avoid any mis-haps, is to wash your palms after because it does stain those a little.

I'll be honest and say it doesn't moisturize as heavily as their tubs of cream, but that's perfect for me and it definitely doesn't dry my skin out.

I picked this up for around £5.00 on a Boots offer, but the £7.99 price for this is most definitely worth it to look like a bronzed goddess every damn day for so little effort!

Side note * you could use this in the morning or evening, I use it before bed so it can develop over night, but if you wanted to use it in the morning & go about your normal day I'm sure it would work just fine, just be careful of sweating, for streaking purposes!

* I will include this in a faves video with a little demo, pictures don't show the formula as it sprays into pretty much nothing! *

Let me know your thoughts on both of these products either here, or over on my Insta or Twitter. I would love to know what you think of these and if you agree.
Until next time,

Lily x
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