Thursday 27 August 2015


What's your cleansing routine like? Non-existent? Simple? Harsh? Or all-out?
I went through phases, the typical 'oh just this one night I'll sleep in it - it'll be okay I'll wash it off in the morning' and then the other end of the scale like 'let me slap it all on NOW!'
I believe this is because I've never found something that I like enough, if I had, I'm pretty sure I would have wanted to use it every night.. You don't skip your fave foundation in the morning do you?.. Nope.. So, I have tried a cleansing oil before, it was from Lush but for me, it was almost too oily! I found it way too greasy and like most of my skincare, I gave up on it!
But, I recently started having a little shop around online for a good cleanser, my skin needed it - I have the oiliest skin EVER and I was getting itchy dry patches around my nose - that's when I know something is seriously up - me? dry skin?? So I came across this and there are a lot of reviews online, probably what swayed me the most, along with the fact it's camomile and my red, itchy skin was crying out for some soothing love.
I use two pumps of this, apply it all over my face with my hands as if I'm using a makeup wipe and then I run my muslin cloth under warm water, ring out and start to gently wipe away the oil.. and ALL of my makeup.
Not only is this super soft, I love the fact I don't feel like I'm stretching/scrubbing my delicate skin to within an inch of its life, especially around my eyes and with that, it's getting rid of every inch of my makeup. It definitely does not leave a greasy residue on my skin, rather a soft, comfortable feeling base and completely clean.
I still apply my normal moisturizer after & I've given up my harsh toner for a while. I still get the normal hormonal spots.. this hasn't completely over-hauled my skin, but it is definitely the best cleanser I've use and I've been using it day & night religiously for almost two weeks now.
My favourite thing about this cleanser is that it's hassle free. The only thing I would say is even though it is gentle, it can sting my eyes a little but as soon as I wipe my face over with the cloth and remove the oil it's back to normal.
So as far as cleansers go, I wont be looking for another for quite a while, I'm really enjoying using it and I love getting into bed with a fresh face knowing that I have no makeup what so ever festering on my skin over night! Blergh.
I paid £12.00 from The Body Shop - but always keep an eye out online as the always have some sort of discount running.
Let me know your fave face cleanser.. or are you yet to find your HG?
Until next time,
Lily x


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  1. Great review.. I can't wait to try it, will certainly purchase this over the weekend.. xx love Karen (oh so fash) x


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