Wednesday 22 July 2015


First of all let me apologise for a little distance & lack of posts! But finally, here it is my Estee Lauder X Kendall Jenner Lipstick review..

And what a gooden' it is! (the lipstick that is).

Described as a 'Part Poppy/Part Orange Crush' shade, it is what I would describe as the perfect summer time bold lip. I love me a true red but the orange side of this lipstick makes it a lot more wearable for the day time too and less 'date night'. Saying that, this lipstick would look unreal paired with a simple but chic evening outfit, you will definitely stand out!

It's completely matte, but super creamy & no more drying than some MAC lipsticks, I would say it's very similar in texture, just a tad creamier. But don't skip the lip balm to prep your lips first.

It comes in a limited edition, magnetic, signed by Kendall case and it is extremely classy and it feels like amazing quality. Definitely one you wont mind whipping out and be sure to receive lots of 'oohs'!

I think this lipstick will also look great on every skin tone too and hair colour. Kendall has striking, dark hair and it looks insanely good on her and I'm the complete opposite being bright blonde and I love the shade on myself too, so it's a winner all round!

This lipstick is 25.00 from

(Full makeup tutorial using this up soon, so stay tuned to see my complete look)

What are your thoughts on this colour?

Until next time,

Lily xxx
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