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Well hello & happy Sunday to you all, I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!
Now lets get down to business, GlamGlow is one of the most in demand skincare products at the moment and when I got full wind of the craze I ordered it straight away, I couldn't help myself.
I was expecting to be blown away by GlamGlow & I do like it, but I haven't been as impressed as I'd hoped so here's why..
Let's start off with the classic YOUTHMUD
It claims to give incredible INSTANT results - even to celebrity faces and in Hollywood film productions

 It's full of natural ingredients so it has chunks & gritty bits in it that help to exfoliate your skin. Be careful around delicate eye areas, I found this to really sting! When applied it dried so HARD my face literally felt stuck, I could barely smile! It has a very clay-like texture and smell and I also think it smells a little minty which is not bad at all, I left it on for 15 minutes and then rinsed off, the best thing about this was how clean my skin felt afterwards, squeaky clean in fact. Because it cleans so deep it's inevitable that you're going to get dirt dragged to the surface so don't be surprised if you do break out a little the day after, like any deep cleaning products it will draw the dirt out and you may get a few spots. I found that on spots I already had it really helped to dry them out which also helped to clear them quicker so that was a bonus. I'm not blown away by this because although my skin felt super clean, I didn't experience the radiance and 'glow' that I was hoping for.
Is it worth the money? If you're after a great deep clean & don't mind the higher price tag then I'd say yes, but if you just want to see if you'll glow after and are swayed by the craze, I wouldn't recommend it. Especially for sensitive skin, I'd say this is way too harsh. BUT it's not all bad..

I ordered from Zest beauty & kindly received these three samples in generous 15g bottles (considering the product I ordered was only 50g I was super pleased getting these three bottles for nothing!)
Now the absolute GEM of this whole collection I have has to be the ThirstyMud (the bright blue bottle) the instructions say to leave on OR wipe off after desired time, so obviously I left it on to try and get the best results. I have been using this every morning and night and it is gorgeous. Silky smooth and incredible smelling, it smells like a fruity, coconutty, tanning oil holiday dream & it's amazing at hydrating, I always apply extra around my eyes and my skin feels so so fresh and calm. It is a little thick and I hate thick moisturisers but if I can handle this under a full face then so can you! Or just use it as an over night treatment. I will definitely be purchasing this in full size and I'm so pleased considering I don't LOVE what I originally ordered.
I also used this in one of my YouTube videos to prep my skin for flawless foundation and it does an amazing job:
And moving on to PowerMud (green bottle) & SuperMud (white bottle)
PowerMud goes on as a clear mask, sort of like the ones you used to have as a kid and could peel off in one clean swoop! I used this three times and for me it didn't make a difference at all, it didn't do any harm but I have no real results I can tell you about, so for me, I wouldn't buy this.

And SuperMud.. I'll be honest now.. this smells like Aniseed (aka SAMBUCA) *insert violently sick face here* I could not even get this on to my skin, it's a thick, dark coloured cream and although I would have loved to given this a go, the smell for me was so bad I physically couldn't put it on my face. (so dramatic I know buy so true!) I'm the kind of girl when someone brings a tray of Sambuca shots to the table I gag on just the smell so for me this is an absolute no go - probably the one that would've had amazing results but there's no way I could try it so please let me know if it's worth being brave for!
So all in all, if I were going to recommend any, it would without a doubt be the ThirstyMud, hands down the absolute winner of these four products.
I hope that's given you some good info & you're decided on if you want to try it or not, please let me know your thoughts and reviews on these products I love reading them & don't forget to come & follow me on my Instagram: beautyscreen
Until next time,
Lily x

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Tuesday 19 May 2015


My Glam Glow is finally here after three long weeks of waiting.. I like to give skin care a run for its money so I'll be testing it over the next week or two and have a full, honest review up for you then, I also received sample sizes of Thirsty Mud, Super Mud & Power Mud so you'll have all you need to know on Glam Glow (sorry couldn't resist rhyming!)
I so want to love it so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.. has anyone else tried it? Let me know what you think..
Until next time,
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Monday 18 May 2015


Now I know I'm not the first one to discover this.. but that doesn't mean the love I have for it isn't as strong!
I'm talking Coconut Oil.. your new best friend
I started using Coconut Oil on my legs because I get mega itchy razor burn, I slather it all over my legs, throw on a pair dark leggings and drift off.. by the morning not only are my legs super smooth and calm, I swear they GLOW for about three days. Once the oil has soaked in over night I'm left with such a lovely, healthy looking sheen it's unbeatable. It also helps bruises to heal as it speeds up the recovery of the damaged tissues so if you're prone to walking into everything like me then fear not and get ready to have gorgeous legs by morning
BUT, being a natural product that's not all it's good for, once you've finished this post just google 'Coconut Oil benefits' and I promise you you'll be running to your nearest shop to get some. I picked mine up from my local health shop for around a fiver and it's 100% natural - that's the guy you need
So with skin aside I hear you cry 'what else can this magic potion be used for?!'.. and your answer is; pretty much EVERYTHING! No joke, this is your best value for money and without a doubt the most nourishing hair mask you'll ever use, just spoon it out, let it melt in your hands and run it through your hair before bed, it may need an extra wash out in the morning but the super soft locks you'll have are more than worth it!
Top tips:
  • It's been proven to aid weight loss so try switching this for your normal cooking oil & give your belly a treat
  • Apply it to your lashes and brows over night to promote hair growth
  • Use it on your feet over-night to smooth those tootsies and to nourish your nails
  • In the winter months give your face a super moisturising mask before bed
Do any of you already use Coconut Oil? Let me know what you find it best for
Until next time,
Lily x

Sunday 17 May 2015

TUTORIAL | GLAM GRWM Night Out - Gold Smokey Eye & Red Lips


Thursday 14 May 2015


Hands up if you're a lover of super sweet scents like me?
I am literally obsessed with candy, florally, fresh scents, especially in summer and these are my top six.. (keep scrolling for an absolute BARGAIN)

50 ml - 69.00
When I first saw this featured on another beauties blog this scent was yet to hit the shelves, but she described it as smelling like caramel & peaches.. I knew I had to have it! I received this for my birthday and didn't have a Boots try on before it arrived so I was a little anxious in case I wasn't keen.. but OH BOY this is my absolute favourite sweet scent of all time. It is just dreamy so I urge you to spritz this when you're next in the perfume aisle - thank me later!

NEXT | Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet
50 ml - 56.50
As you can imagine from the name this is a mid-sweet perfume with flowers being the immediate smell, it's definitely not as sweet as the others with light woody scents included and staying power of this is perfection

50 ml - 60.50
The original and in my opinion the best - Prada Candy is of course mega sweet and absolutely gorgeous, I'm almost out of this bottle and I can't get enough of it!

The second Prada Florale - although looking identical - it is a light pink and more flowery than sweet, pretty similar to Miss Dior but how cute are the matching bottles?!

NEXT | Dolce & Gabbana 3 L'Impératrice
100 ml - 39.99
By far the best value for money for high-end scents this super-fresh mildy sweet perfume is perfect for every day and I just love the description..
'For the L'Impératrice woman life is a movie and she is the heroine. All heads turn when she enters a room'
Excuse the tattered bottle of this well loved beauty!

12.99 - yes you read that correctly!
Now this is a high-street miracle, something that is always in my handbag - this Zara perfume smells absolutely gorgeous, it's a musky sweet scent and an absolute steal. Zara have so many lovely perfumes and their prices are unbeatable, pop in and find your perfect scent
Please let me know your favourite summer scents in the comments, I'm always on the look out for a new member of my sweet sweet family!
Until next time,
Lily x

Wednesday 6 May 2015

TUTORIAL | & Hello YouTube!

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