Tuesday 17 November 2015

FACE TO FACE | My top two budget foundations

When it comes to makeup, foundation is something I never EVER skip. Simply because I don't have flawless skin.. Now, it's not the worst in the world, but for me, I would just always rather cover it up. Mix that with a mega oily T-zone and I have one hell of a foundation mission on my hands!

Firstly, no matter what foundation I use, I will always get oily throughout the day & I've totally accepted that, but, what I do look for is something that's going to give me full coverage and stay put, so something like concrete *insert smirk emoji*!

Secondly, I like something with yellowy/golden undertones as I fake tan, but my cheeks and face have a more pinkish tone so I always need something that's going to match my body once applied.

Now these are both the same brand - L'Oreal. And that is just a coincidence, the quality of both of these is just incomparable to any other budget foundation for me.

These foundations are no revelation to any beauty girl, I'm sure you've all been there, done that with these.. but here's why I love them..


L'Oreal True Match

True Match is a firm fave of the likes of Lauren Curtis and tons of beauty girls around the world, me included. There's nothing I don't love about it.. Full coverage, super blendable, great colour range and cheap! It's a runny liquid and I find its best applied with a beauty sponge, as it is full coverage, that will ensure you don't go over board, help to remove any excess product & end up cakey!

I use Golden Beige & it has the perfect amount of golden tones to suit my fair, but slightly tanned skin tone and cancels out any rosey/pink shades in one layer. It's without a doubt thick enough that if you do it right first time, you'll never need another layer - maybe just a little concealer for that extra flawless edge.

This foundation is one I go back to constantly, I've never found one I like as much, as it without a doubt rivals any high-end foundation in my opinion. For the price, you just can't beat it.


L'Oreal Infallible 24H-Matte

The hype when this one dropped was pretty huge, but I didn't buy the foundation straight away. I picked up the matching primer and absolutely loved it but it took me a while to give this a go.

Now, I think I set my hopes way too high for this, being so oily I thought this would literally concrete my T-zone, but it didn't. So accepting of my oil and focusing on this as a foundation, it is a very close call from this and the True Match. It comes out less liquidy and more like a liquid/gel and blends out way more powdery, hence the mega matte promises.

It gives me full coverage and it's easy to blend although it does need a little more work due to the thicker texture. Again, the price is fantastic for the quality of the product, but the colour range is a tiny bit off for me but nothing that can't be improved with a little powder/bronzer.. I took Rose Beige in this as I actually found it to be less pink that the other shades?!

But overall, and judging by the love it received when it came out, I would say this could rival True Match, but it doesn't quite take the biscuit!


Let me know your must-have budget foundations and if you can recommend any that will take my top spot

Until next time,

Lily x
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