Monday 18 May 2015


Now I know I'm not the first one to discover this.. but that doesn't mean the love I have for it isn't as strong!
I'm talking Coconut Oil.. your new best friend
I started using Coconut Oil on my legs because I get mega itchy razor burn, I slather it all over my legs, throw on a pair dark leggings and drift off.. by the morning not only are my legs super smooth and calm, I swear they GLOW for about three days. Once the oil has soaked in over night I'm left with such a lovely, healthy looking sheen it's unbeatable. It also helps bruises to heal as it speeds up the recovery of the damaged tissues so if you're prone to walking into everything like me then fear not and get ready to have gorgeous legs by morning
BUT, being a natural product that's not all it's good for, once you've finished this post just google 'Coconut Oil benefits' and I promise you you'll be running to your nearest shop to get some. I picked mine up from my local health shop for around a fiver and it's 100% natural - that's the guy you need
So with skin aside I hear you cry 'what else can this magic potion be used for?!'.. and your answer is; pretty much EVERYTHING! No joke, this is your best value for money and without a doubt the most nourishing hair mask you'll ever use, just spoon it out, let it melt in your hands and run it through your hair before bed, it may need an extra wash out in the morning but the super soft locks you'll have are more than worth it!
Top tips:
  • It's been proven to aid weight loss so try switching this for your normal cooking oil & give your belly a treat
  • Apply it to your lashes and brows over night to promote hair growth
  • Use it on your feet over-night to smooth those tootsies and to nourish your nails
  • In the winter months give your face a super moisturising mask before bed
Do any of you already use Coconut Oil? Let me know what you find it best for
Until next time,
Lily x


  1. I never thought to coconut oil on my legs, I'm gonna try it! Every night, I slather my face, brows and lashes in coconut oil and my dry skin loves it :)


    1. That's dedication! Yes definitely try it on your legs it's a winner! xx


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